One-Day Adult Airway Management Course


Typical SLAM 1-Day Emergency & Difficult Airway Conference Details

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  • This full day course on adult airway management is approved for 10 AANA CEs, 10 ASTNA CEs and 10 TDSHS CEs. 
  • The day is fairly evenly divided between lectures and hands-on instruction. 
  • The course is intended for Anesthesia providers, Paramedics, Acute Care NPs, Emergency Room Staff and Respiratory Therapy. 
  • The lecture subjects and hands-on training are listed below in the agenda.
  • The course includes use of very high-quality airway simulators (TruCorps).
  • The course utilizes the latest video laryngoscopes, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopic equipment as well as all disposables.
  • The porcine cricothyrotomy lab kicks off the afternoon and utilizes porcine laryngeal-tracheal segments. The techniques that are taught include but are not limited to needle cricothyrotomy and percutaneous dilational cricothyrotomy.

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  • e-handout
  • SLAM Flowchart
  • Lectures
  • Hands-on training
  • lunch, coffee, sodas, snacks included


  • 0700 – 0730  Registration
  • 0730 – 0755  The SLAM Rescue Airway Flowchart – an airway roadmap to prevent and overcome perilous pitfalls in airway management.
  • 0755 – 0835  Assessment and Evaluation of the Airway – to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
  • 0835 – 0900  Rapid Sequence Intubation, Delayed Sequence Intubation, & Airway Pharmacology – When should I hurry? When can I delay? Which drugs are appropriate?
  • 0900 – 0915  Break
  • 0915 – 0940  Basic through Advanced Techniques to Rescue Intubation: 
    • Basics: Bougie Assisted Intubation, external laryngeal manipulation, ear-to-sternal-notch-position.
    • Advanced: intubating laryngeal airways (LMA Fastrach, iGel, LMA Fastrach, Ambu). Video   Laryngoscopy (McGrathTM Mac, CoPilot VL, Verathon Glidescope, King Vision Video Laryngoscope and Airtraq SP Video Laryngoscope). 
  • 0940 – 1005  Rescue Ventilation Techniques using supraglottic airways: LMA, LMA Supreme, LMA   Fastrach, iGel, Ambu, King LT, & Combitube – if your patient can’t   breathe – Nothing Else Matters!
  • 1005 –1055  Confirmation of Tracheal Intubation: the bottom line to make or break.
  • 1055 – 1200  Lunch
  • 1200 – 1700  Afternoon Sessions: Attendees will rotate between stations in groups. All hands-on stations contain the devices   stated above.
    • Cricothyrotomy instruction using pig laryngeal tracheal segments: TTJV and Percutaneous Dilational Cricothyrotomy (PDC)
    • Basic Tracheal Intubation Station using direct layngsocopy, external laryngeal manipulation and bougie-assisted intubation. 
    • BVM & Rescue Ventilation Station: Positive Pressure Masked Ventilation, Combitube, iGel, LMA and King LT
    • Difficult Tracheal Intubation & overcoming failed intubation Station using video laryngoscopy and intubating laryngeal airways. 

Featuring noted airway experts, this unique course offers lectures by:


James Rich, CRNA, MA

LTC US Army (ret)

Founder and Director, SLAM Airway Training Institute

Author of SLAM Street Level Airway Management, Brady Publishing

Creator of the SLAM Rescue Airway Flowchart

Patrick Olomu, MD


Dallas, TX

Lawrence Holt 

NREMT Paramedic

Dallas, TX

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