Our Mission

To promote the public health and well being by teaching safe and effective airway management techniques for prehospital and hospital based healthcare practitioners.

To assist the healthcare community and others through programs of airway management education and training.

To encourage the highest standards of airway management in personnel and equipment.

To participate in the future direction of emergency and difficult airway management by promoting and encouraging education and life long learning.

Breathing is the KEY - Education is the ANSWER!

The ASA Closed Claims Liability Study revealed that 85% of airway injuries resulted in death or brain death. The cost of each averaged $400,000 with a maximal cost of $5.4 million.  SLAM seeks to to decrease personal and institutional liability by teaching safe and effective airway management principles and techniques.  Attend SLAM and learn how to prevent and overcome potentially deadly airway complications.

  • Oxygenation, ventilation intubation
  • Decision making in airway management
  • Airway anatomy & assessment
  • Special techniques to overcome airway difficulty
  • Bougie-assisted intubation
  • Rescue ventilation using supgralottic airway devices
  • Videolaryngoscopy and use of fiberoptic stylets
  • Managing the traumatized airway
  • Pediatric airway management
  • Airway pharmacology
  • Burns and inhalation injury
  • Cervical spine injured patient
  • Legal implications of airway management
  • Confirmation of tracheal intubation & monitoring of lung ventilation
  • Comprehensive strategies for airway management


The SLAM Emergency & Difficult Rescue Airway Flowchart

A 21st Century Guideline for Airway Practitioners

  • Demystifying the difficult airway
  • Airway assessment
  • The crash airway
  • Resolving a failed intubation
  • Intubation Pathway
  • Oxygenation-Ventilation Pathway
  • Rescue Ventilation Pathway
  • Cricothyrotomy Pathway